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Blog posts

Google gives away its software to ‘defectors’ Office

Digital advertising continues to represent virtually all income from Google.

‘Google for work’ will be free for the same time customers have a contract with Microsoft

Google tightened its attacks on the lucrative package Microsoft Office programs, it was reported Monday in an attempt to beat his old rival where it hurts. The target are companies and government agencies that pay for work with word processing, e – mail, calendar, spreadsheet and other Office programs. If you leave Microsoft, Google will allow them to use free of charge their own package, which usually it costs $ 5 to $ 10 per user per month. the “Google for Work” software will be free for as long as customers have a contract with Microsoft or any other vendor. The offer will be open the next six months in the United States and at some point be extended to other countries.Google is limiting free use three thousand people deserter customer. Even with this restriction, the company expects from 180,000 to 360,000 dollars in annual revenue if a company with three thousand people accepted the offer. As anadditional incentive, the company offers a payout of up to $ 75,000 to each company to change its software to cover the cost of making the change.Google, which is now owned by a newly formed company, called Alphabet Inc., not say how much is budgeted for this recent attack against Microsoft Corp. Google estimates that more than 600 companies have at least 10 thousand employees who use Work. the offer demonstrates the confidence that has Google on the quality of its software and is determined to hit one of the most profitable franchises Microsoft, said Jim Lundy, an analyst at Aragon Research. The expert estimated that currently Microsoft customers pay $ 12 to $ 20 per user under contracts lasting several years. Office generated 23 thousand 500 million dollars to Microsoft, almost a third of the revenue of the software company in the fiscal year ended in June. the digital advertising still accounts for virtually all income from Google, which totaled 66 billion dollars last year. The company based in Mountain View, California, has spent some of the money to subtract the domain that has Microsoft in the office software since introduced a number of rival programs nearly a decade ago.

Students create software to streamline migration flows

Implementation has fingerprint and photograph, so the data will be safer.

Students developed a program that allows for greater accuracy in data

Students of the Higher Technological Institute of Jesus Carranza (ITSJC) in Veracruz, developed a computer program which facilitates and streamlines the recording of flows migratory , and using facial biometrics and fingerprint. This technology allows greater accuracy of the data for each immigrant, as well as safety and protection of them, say its creators Victor Hugo Evangelista Rivera, Lilia Juarez Reyes and Denis Lopez Life, students of the engineers in management business and computer systems. “with the implementation of the fingerprint and photography, the data will be safer and avoid the use of false identities , ” said Juarez Reyes in an interview with the News Agency of Conacyt.  “You can check the time that the reviews that a person is delivering it are legitimate , “he added. Meanwhile, Lopez Vidal said that reducing time data capture demonstrates that lower penalties by organizations that defend human rights. ” If an immigrant is detained more than 24 hours is committing a crime of deprivation of freedom, coupled with this, it should be noted that the process is more agile, since deportation is faster and no violations are committed on their rights “said the student. the young creators added that the Register of records Control Immigrants (REDI), is useful for minimizing time capture of records made ​​in the modules of the National Migration Institute (INM tool ). for unlike what happens with office automation tools used by the INM, which made ​​a record in more than 45 minutes, the implementation of REDI reduce the capture time only 10 minutes, optimizing service transit migration. according to students, the new software has a friendly interface that facilitates the capture of information from records in different detention centers throughout the country, which achieves a comprehensive and uniform administration. young commented that because one of his teachers have a close relationship with the INM, they decided to carry out the project which was implemented over six months at stations Veracruz Acayucan and Oaxaca with a good result. “what we want is tounify a technology platform level national for data immigrants are shared and are registered only through their fingerprint, making it easier to search , ” he said Evangelista Rivera. the system a thorough investigation a year ago prior was established in terms of basic needs and standards to optimize the quality of service the INM provides. it is now expected that the REDI software, presented at the 22 Week of Science and Technology of Veracruz, is implemented in each of the offices of the INM throughout the country to benefit not only dependence but also to foreigners.

Hyatt says that 250 hotels had malware last year

The hotel operator said the problem was in payment processing systems for restaurants, spas and other areas.

Malicious software could have taken information from credit cards and debit customers

Hyatt said Thursday it found malicious software on about 250 of its hotels and could have taken the numbers of credit cards and debit cards , and other customer information . it is the first time the operator hotel lists the hotels affected since making the first announcement of the discovery of malware on their property in December. a spokeswoman for Hyatt said the hotel chain unknown at this time how many customers were affected. Hyatt hotels Corp . he said the malicious code were present between July and December systems processing payments restaurants, spas, receptions and other areas. the malware was found in many of its brands, including Park Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Andaz. Around 100 hotels were affected in the United States and the rest abroad, in cities including London, Paris and Shanghai. the Chicago -based company has about 630 properties.